Notes from Our Listeners

Feel free to share a note with us here.

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Dear Lorraine,

Your wonderful contribution and dedication to your Catholic faith gave the Rosarians such inspiration and left all awestruck, astonished and amazed at your triumph over life’s adversities to succeed at such significant accomplishments.
It is obvious your faith and devotions have always been your motive for your motivation. Vision is using the power of the mind to look ahead at potential opportunities and impacts.
Vision is seeing awareness of options, choices and better ways. Your vision reflects your inner self.
Your contribution to your faith is left behind through your beautiful musical compositions. Your have established your own ministry!
The members of St. Dominic’s Rosary Altar Society continue to remark on the positive impact your music creates within the spirit.
“What was God thinking?” – to use you, Lorraine, as an instrument of our faith.

With deep appreciation for all your efforts… always in our prayers,
M. A. Petersen

Dear Lorraine,

I truly enjoyed your sharing of deep personal sadness and struggle – and how the Lord carried you to the light of your personal resurrection with a new mission to share with others – His strength through your music, mainly The Promise.
You reminded us when we are faced with adversity and hurt, He sends the Holy Spirit to be with us.


Hi Lorraine,
For me one of this Christmas special blessings was discovering your beautiful music.
May the joy and hope your music has given me be returned to you… tenfold!!
Yours is truly a beautiful story of faith. I love this quote: “People find hope when they find credible witness.”
Your music gives me hope and comfort.

May God bless you!
Mary MacG.

I received the CDs and have been listening to all.
This has been great for relaxation while quilting, working around the home and at night to wind down after a busy day.
Will enjoy every day for a long time!


I have had the opportunity to listen to your CDs. I have to tell you how amazing they make me feel. I don’t usually have a deep emotion when I listen to music but I do when I listen to your CDs. Thank you so much.
New Jersey